About Adams Apple

The story...

'Adams Apple is a family run business which was established in 2003. Having worked part time on Wellingborough Market selling fresh fruit and vegetables to the public as a teenager, I soon realised that there was a demand for fresh fruit and vegetables to be delivered to the catering trade. Therefore after purchasing a small van I began approaching a range of catering businesses offering deliveries on a daily basis of quality fresh fruit and veg.

As reputation began to increase,i found the workload began to also gradually grow as well. Customers were looking for quality produce to be delivered on a daily basis straight from local growers and markets. I found most catering companies weren't recieving the quality of produce they demanded from existing fruit and veg wholesalers. Therefore I continued to build up a daily delivery round in Northamptonshire.

In 2010 I also found a demand for dairy produce to be delivered our customers. Therefore a range of dairy products are now available. After working straight from the Markets and growers in a van, I decided to open a small unit in Raunds to store produce and operate from. From this I have continued to increase the range of products available.'



Apples - Cooking Potatoes - Bakers Beetroot (PP)
Apples - Braeburn Potatoes - Midds Celery
Apples - Coxes Potatoes - Red Cherry Toms (PP)
Apples - Golden Delicious Potatoes - Scraper Cherry Vine Toms
Apples - Granny Smiths Potatoes - White Cress
Apples - Pink Lady Artichokes Cucumber
Apples - Royal Gala Aubergine Lettuce - Cos
Apples - Russets Asparagus Lettuce - Curly Endive
Grapes - Green Baby Corn Lettuce - Iceburg
Grapes - Red Beansprouts Lettuce - Little Gem
Plums - Red Broccoli Lettuce - Lollo Bianda
Plums - Yellow Brussels Lettuce - Lollo Rosso
Berries - Black Bunched Beetroot Lettuce - Oakleaf
Berries - Blue Butternut Squash Lettuce - Redichio
Berries - Raspberries Cabbage - Savoy Lettuce - Round
Berries - Red Currants Cabbage - Spring Mixed Salad (PP)
Berries - Strawberries Cabbage - Red Radish (PP)
Melons - Canteloupe Cabbage - White Radish (Bunched)
Melons - Galia Carrots - Bunched Spinach
Melons - Honeydew Carrots - Chantenay Spring Onions
Melons - Watermelon Carrots - Pony Tomatoes
Pears - Conference Cauliflower Tomatoes - Vine
Pears - Packham Celeriac Watercress
Pears - William Courgettes Lambs Leaf
Oranges - Clementines Fennel
Oranges - Large/Medium Fine Beans MISCELLANEOUS
Oranges - Mineolas Leeks Bags - Brown 10x10
Oranges - Nadorcotts Mangetout Bags - Carriers x 1000
Oranges - Ortaniques Mushrooms - Button Bags - Carriers x 2000
Oranges - Satsumas Mushrooms - Flat Chillies - Green/Red
Avocado Mushrooms - M/Oyster Chillies (PP)
Bananas Onions - Picklers Coal x 10g
Dates Onions - Red Coal x 20g
Dragon Fruit Onions - Shallots Cream - Double/Single
Figs Onions - Spanish Cream - Whipping
Grapefruit - Pink Onions - Red Eggs - Free Range
Grapefruit - White Onions - White Eggs - Medium
Kiwis Parsnips Eggs - Large
Lemons Peppers - Green Garlic
Limes Peppers - Orange Ginger
Mango Peppers - Red Kindling
Papaya Peppers - Yellow Milk
Passion Fruit Sprouter - Purple Vinegar - Malt/Spiced
Physallis Sprouter - White Vinegar -White Distilled
Pineapple Sugar Snaps
Pommegranite Swede HERBS
Sharon Fruit Sweet Potato Basil
Star Fruit Chives
Cabbage - Shredded Kingsmill Mint
Carrots - Batton Hovis Parsley - Curly
Carrots - Sliced Locally baked Parsley - Flat Leaf
Onions - Diced Rosemary
Onions - Sliced Butter portions Sage
Parsnips - Quartered Tarragon
Potatoes - White, Peeled Thyme
Quarter Roast
Swede - Diced

 Please note some products may not be listed that you may require. Please do not hesitate to ask!